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How to Make $2000 Fast: 50+ Proven Methods (2023 Guide)

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  By Forrest | Last Updated:  December 5, 2022

Are you in a bind financially and need $2000?

If you want to make 2000 dollars fast, you’re going to need to put a strategy in place.

There are many reasons you might need $2,000. Maybe you have an upcoming rent or mortgage payment, maybe you want to find ways to pay down debt quickly, or maybe you just want some extra money to spend.

No matter your reason, you’re sure to make some extra cash by using some of the ideas below.

In this post, I’ll explore how to make $2,000 fast, how you can make an extra $2,000 a month, how to make $2,000 in a week, and much more. Let’s get started!

Some of the best ways to make $2,000 fast include:
  • Freelancing your skills
  • Delivering food with Doordash
  • Pet sitting with Rover
  • Starting a blog

50+ Best Ways to Make 2,000 Dollars Fast

1. Start a Blog to Make $2,000 Fast

Making passive income with your blog is a great way to make extra money online without having to work for it.

While this isn’t the quickest way to earn money – it’s a great option if you have some patience and hustle to get work done.

Starting a blog begins with thinking about a topic you want to write about. For me, it was personal finance and ways to make money.

The cost to start a blog is low, making it a viable side hustle for anyone.

For you, it could be cooking, health, or general lifestyle. There are many types of blogs that make good money – it’s all about finding what you’re passionate about.

Once landing on a topic or niche you like, you’ll want to search for a potential domain name. This part can be frustrating because so many domain names have already been registered. If you do think of a name that is already registered you could reach out to the owner to sell if they are willing to sell it (however this can take some serious time and money).

By using Namecheap, you can browse domain names and purchase yours for as little as $10 each year.

NameCheap is my favorite domain registrar to easily purchase your next domain name. They are extremely affordable with domains costing less than $9. Sign-up below!
Get Started!
Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

After purchasing your domain, you’ll need to buy hosting to place files on your website. This can be done through SiteGround. They offer the best customer service and have prices starting lower than $10 per month.

SiteGround is my favorite hosting platform to easily start a blog. They have top-notch customer service and prices starting as low as $7 per month. Sign-up below!
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Learn How to Start a Blog
Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Lastly, it’s time to install a CMS (I use WordPress) and begin creating content.

You’ll need to find ways to generate traffic to your blog if you want to make money from it. After all, what’s the point of owning a blog if no one sees it!

Once you’ve gained traffic to your site – it’s time to start thinking about how you can make money from it.

There are a few main ways many websites monetize their traffic: display advertising (preferably Mediavine!), affiliate marketing, online courses, and paid memberships. The first two are by far the most common methods – but each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Your blog can start to grow rapidly by reinvesting your earnings back into the site. This usually means hiring writers to help produce more content or investing in marketing to build traffic.

It’s possible to make $10k a month blogging. Just check out my website earnings in 2021. Not too bad!

2021 Website Income

You can see it took me a few months to ramp up, but your blog can grow exponentially over time. 

Now, I get to reap the rewards and take advantage of the benefits of being an entrepreneur. No more useless meetings for me!

Want to learn other ways to make money online? Check out my full post on digital real estate

2. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Want to earn cash online?

Working as a virtual assistant is an excellent way to earn money without significant experience required to get started.

With this gig, you’ll get paid to send and respond to emails, post on social media accounts, make website updates, and more.

To find clients, you’ll want to partner with blog and online business owners who might need a hand in managing their site.

The pay as a virtual assistant can exceed $25 per hour in some cases.

Virtual Assistant Pay

Ready to become a virtual assistant but aren’t sure where to start? Carrie has an awesome course that will give you all of the details to become a full time virtual assistant. Enroll in the Virtual Assistant Accelerator today!

LIMITED TIME: Registration is open for The Virtual Assistant Accelerator Course! If you want to learn how you can make thousands per month from the comfort of your home, register now!
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

3. Make 2000 Dollars Fast Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great option to boost your income and earn some quick cash. It’s also a great option if you want to escape the rat race and reach financial freedom. 

As a freelance writer you’ll need to be comfortable writing and editing content for a variety of clients. Most freelancers will choose to specialize in a certain area like finance or cooking. This helps to establish them in the niche.

It’s wise to partner with other freelance editors and writers as they can also hand off work when their workload is overfilled.

Joining freelance groups is another good way to get your name out there and pick up clients.

So how much money can you make freelance writing?

While using major freelance sites will pay the least, freelance writing for individual companies and websites is the best way to make more money from your skills.

Freelance writing can pay anywhere from .05 to over $1 per word written.

It’s easily possible to make $100 a day freelancing, so it’s definitely worth a shot!

Check out the video below to learn how to become a freelance writer!

4. Deliver Food to Make Money

There are many food delivery companies that will pay you to deliver food directly to customers’ doorstep from their favorite restaurant.

Food delivery is a great option if you have a mobile phone and a vehicle to travel with and it’s easy to get started.

To maximize your earnings, be sure to quickly pick up food and get it delivered hot and try these Doordash hacks.

Delivering food door to door is an easy way to earn money working your own schedule. Some people are able to make a living off of Doordash, so it’s certainly worth considering.

My favorite platform is Doordash. With Doordash you can earn over $25 per hour in some cities working as a delivery driver. Depending on how much you work, this can be a great way to make 2000 dollars fast.

With Doordash you can set your own schedule and work when you want. Earn over $20 per hour today!
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

5. Pet Sitting with Rover

Rover Pet Sitting

If you love animals, why not get paid and make some quick money pet sitting?

With Rover, you can make good money by watching over animals during your free time.

The amount of money you can make will vary depending on your location and the number of nights that you will be watching the animals, but it’s possible to make a few hundred dollars each week.

Start Pet Sitting!

6. Make Money Proofreading

If you’re looking to make $2000 fast online, proofreading can be a great option to reach your goal.

With proofreading, you’ll get paid to fix errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation on a variety of different projects.

The pay will depend on your experience, but it’s possible to make over $25 per hour for more experienced proofreaders.

Not sure where to get started?

I recommend checking out the Proofread Anywhere course where you can learn the ropes of proofreading and how to start your own proofreading business today!

You’ll learn everything from grammar basics, to landing high paying clients, and much more making it worth your time if you want to make money online.

Looking to make more money? Check out these ways to make $10k in a week!

7. Dog Walking

Similar to pet sitting, dog walking is a fun way to earn money in your free time.

The amount of money you can make as a dog walker will vary depending how often the dogs are walked and how much your hourly rate is.

To make money as a dog walker you’ll need to have reliable transportation, be comfortable around dogs of all sizes, enjoy the outdoors, and good at communicating.

8.Deliver Groceries with Instacart

Instacart Shoppers App

If you want to make more money – delivering groceries with Instacart can be a simple way to make 2000 dollars fast.

My favorite thing about this side hustle is that it can be done on the side in addition to a full time job.

So how much money can you make delivering groceries?

Instacart will pay anywhere from $12 to over $25 per hour depending how much you work and how fast of a shopper you are. You can use these Instacart tips and tricks to make even more.

Register below to get started!

With Instacart you can work your own hours and get paid to deliver groceries!
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

9. Home Organizing

Many individuals are looking to get their homes organized, but don’t have the time or patience.

If you’re good at organizing and have the free time, you can make some extra money on the side by helping others organize their homes.

Organizing someone’s home is more than just putting things in boxes – it requires marketing skills, great communication, understanding how people think, problem-solving techniques, negotiation experience and attention to detail.

10. Clean Homes

Cleaning homes can be a great way to make money if you’re willing to do the work.

You’ll need some basic supplies and equipment to get started, but most people may already have these making it that much easier to get started.

To find customers, you can post your services on an app like NextDoor or you can use social media platforms to market your services.

The amount of money you can make will depend on the size of the home you clean and the level of detail you provide.

Some house cleaners can charge over $300 per home they clean meaning it won’t take long for you to make $2,000 fast.

11. Take Online Surveys for Quick Cash

Okay – online surveys aren’t going to make you rich overnight – but it’s an easy way to earn fast cash directly into your PayPal account.

If you want to make money quickly, I recommend using some of the survey sites listed below. Not only can you make money taking surveys, but you can also get paid to watch videos, play games, and shop online.

But that’t not the only reason to consider these sites. Most of them will also give you free money just for joining. If you want to make a quick buck (even if it’s just making $20 here and there) – register for a few of these sites!

12. Have a Garage Sale

Making a few thousand dollars when you sell stuff at a garage sale might seem more difficult than it really is.

Do you have any old electronics, appliances, Pokémon cards, or collectables? There’s a good chance you could sell them to make 2000 dollars fast without much effort.

13. Sell Stuff on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist

Selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist is another great way to make some quick cash.

I’m sure that you have at least a few things in your home right now that could be sold for a quick buck. No matter what it is, don’t just throw away items because they might not seem useful anymore!

Check out these sites to sell things locally.

14. Flip Electronics

If you want to make extra cash and you have a knack for electronics, flipping them can be a great way to make 2000 dollars.

With this side hustle, you can purchase broken devices online through sites like eBay.

Then you can fix them – which is often easier than you think.

Finally, you can make money selling them for a profit. You’ll want to consider the costs and time when fixing the broken devices to get a stronger understanding of your profit.

15. Teach English Online

Teaching English online can be a great way to make $2,000 or even $3,000 fast.

The great thing about online teaching is that you can work from anywhere in the world.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to get started.

There are many online English teaching companies that you can work for, such as VIPKID, Qkids, and EF Education First.

Each company has its own requirements, but most of them require you to be a native English speaker – which makes sense. Some may require you to have a Bachelor’s degree also, but double-check each company’s requirements before applying.

If you meet these requirements, then you can apply to be an online English teacher.

You can earn over $25 per hour with this side job so it’s certainly worht your time.

16. Make Money Tutoring

If you’re good at math, science, English – there’s a great way to make $2,000 fast by tutoring students online.

With the rise of education technology and tools like Skype and Zoom, it has never been easier for teachers to connect with their students.

You can list yourself on Craigslist or even Facebook Marketplace if you would prefer more flexibility in your schedule!

My favorite aspect about making money through teaching is how flexible it really is since most lessons take place over video chat (or phone). As long as you have access to internet connection – this job will be easy peasy!

Looking for more money? Check out these easy ways to make $5,000 fast!

17. Sell Clothes on Poshmark

If you need to make money fast – selling clothing on Poshmark can be a great choice.

With this method, you’ll need to have some valuable clothes is you want to make some serious money but it also serves to reduce clutter around your home.

Download the free app to get started making money selling clothing online.

18. Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is a great way to make 2000 dollars because it can be done with as little as $5. You can easily turn your money into more money by investing. 

If you’ve never invested before, I recommend using a robo-advisor to get started like Acorns. When you register with Acorns you’ll get $10 for completely free. How’s that for some free cash?

With Acorns you can start investing with as little as $5 by automatically rounding up spare change. Plus, you'll get $10 completely free when you use the link below to get started!
Sign Up Now!
Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Some of the best investments include index funds, low-cost ETFs (exchange traded funds), mutual funds, and dividend growth stocks.

Investing in the stock market takes time but you will grow your money passively when you trade stocks online.

19. Invest in Real Estate to Make $2,000 Fast

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to make money and there are multiple ways to get started.

Purchasing rental properties can be an excellent way to create passive income for your future.

If you don’t have the money for an entire rental property – there’s no shame in starting small. With LEX Markets you can start with much less money.

LEX Markets allows you to invest in rental properties, apartment buildings, and commercial real estate without the stress and headache that can come with owning your own properties.

As a bonus, you can get up to $500 free with your first deposit!

LEX Markets 5 · Real Estate · $250 Min.
Invest in commercial real estate debt with LEX Markets. Earn up to $500 in free money when you create a new account!
Risk Level
Avg. Return
Claim Welcome Bonus

20. Donate Plasma

Plasma donation is an easy side hustle if you don’t mind a small amount of pain.

With this gig, you can earn anywhere from $40 to over $80 per donation, and you can donate a few times per month.

While this might not be the most relaxing way to make money, it’s a great option to make money doing nothing. 

21. Work as a Freelance Consultant

Consultants, like business consultants, can easily make $2,000 fast.

By offering your services to small businesses looking to grow, you can earn money while helping your local community.

In order to be a successful consultant, you’ll need to be extremely knowledgeable about a certain subject.

Some consultants can charge over $1,000 per hour making this one of the fastest ways to earn $2000 fast if you have the skills.

For example, Marie Haynes is a popular SEO consultant and makes thousands each month from her work.

SEO Consulting

22. Sell Your Car

There’s no doubt making money selling your car is easy – but can you afford to go without your car?

If you need some cash fast – selling your car can be a great way to make money.

You’ll want to sell it as soon as possible so the longer you wait, the less valuable your vehicle will become for sale on sites like Craigslist and Autotrader.

Selling Your Car

Just remember that when you sell any vehicle, there are taxes that will need to be paid which can eat into your profits.

23. Pickup a Second Job to Make $2,000 Fast

Finding a second job can be difficult – but finding one that pays well and fits your schedule is worth it.

If you don’t mind working odd hours, there’s no doubt picking up a few shifts at the local bar or restaurant will help you make $2000 quickly.

If you have strong customer care skills – you might find a customer service company to work for.

24. Work More at Your Current Job

Nobody wants to work double shifts – but if you need 2000 dollars fast – this is one simple way to reach your goal.

Plus, an earnings you make will be automatically added to your bank account via direct deposit so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

25. Find Odd Jobs to Make $2,000 Fast

Odd jobs are a great way to cash in if you have a few unique skills and some extra time.

While odd jobs might not pay the most money – it’s a great way to make quick money when you need it most.

To find these jobs, I recommend browsing websites like Craigslist or NextDoor.

How to Make $2,000 in a Day

Making $2,000 in one day will be challenging, but it is possible. Below are some of the best methods to make $2,000 in a day. It’s worth noting that many of the items below can be risky, so you’ll want to be sure you have the money to lose before making any investment.

26. Trade Cryptocurrency

Buying and selling cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is one of the best ways to make $2,000 in a day or less.

There’s no doubt cryptocurrency is highly volatile, but if you can predict how the market will move – it could be a great way to make money fast.

You’ll need an account with Coinbase if you want to purchase cryptocurrency. Register below to get started!

Binance 5 · Cryptocurrency · $10 Min.
Invest in cryptocurrency with as little as $10 with Binance. Join thousands of happy customers building wealth today!
Risk Level
Avg. Return
Start Investing!

27. Take Out a Loan to get $2,000 Fast

Taking out a loan is one of the easiest ways to get 2000 dollars in a day. Just know that you will have to pay the loan back with interest, which may end up costing more than what you borrowed.

One of my favorite platforms is ZippyLoans – they make it fast and easy to get the money you need.

28. Gamble for the Chance of $2,000

While I wouldn’t recommend this method to make money – some people will do it.

You could win big at a casino, card game or by gambling online.

Depending how much you win – it might be enough to make $2000 in one day!

29. Take Out an Advance on your Credit Card to Get 2000 Dollars Fast

Getting an advance on your credit card can be easy depending how much available credit line they you.

Just know that the interest rate will be slightly higher than your standard credit card – so you’ll want to pay off the balance as soon as possible.

You may also have to take out a cash advance fee, which can cost around $20 or more for each transaction.

30. Borrow Money from Your 401(k)

This method for getting cash fast should be used as a last resort.

Borrowing from your 401(k) can count as an early withdrawal and you will have to pay taxes on how much money you take out of your account – which could push the amount owed over 2000 dollars.

You will also have to repay the money you borrow as soon as possible, or your employer may take it out of future paychecks.

31. Ask Friends and Family for Cash

Asking your family and friends for money is not easy – but it can be one of the quickest ways to make $2000 in a day.

Just know that you’ll have to pay them back as soon as possible, with interest if necessary.

You will also need to keep track how much they lent you so that you don’t forget how much money you owe!

32. Design & Develop Websites to Make $2,000 in a Day

Making $2,000 in a day is certainly possible designing and developing websites.

As more and more businesses shift their focus to online offerings, there is a massive demand for web design services.

Web designing is a high income skill that can be learned online and you can partner with graphic designers if you ever need help with other design needs.

How to Make $2,000 in a Week

If you need $2,000 in a week, below are some options to get the cash you need.

33. Complete Yard Work for Neighbors

Completing yard work is a great way to make extra money and earn $2,000 in a week or 2000 dollars fast.

You can choose to pass out some flyers or post your services on social media to find work.

34. Flip Domain Names

Flipping domains names is a great way to make money fast.

It can take some time, but it’s possible to buy a domain for $12 and sell it later on for hundreds if not thousands more.

You can also find expired domain names and purchase them for a few dollars before they’re re-listed on the market.

35. Flip Furniture

If you want to quit your day job, flipping furniture can be a fun side hustle to make $2,000 in one week.

You will need some money to start, but after that you can turn a profit very quickly.

The key is finding furniture for sale that you can resell quickly for a profit.

You can find furniture to flip at garage sales, Craigslist ads or local buy and sell groups on social media sites like Facebook.

36. Start a Service Business

Service businesses are a great profitable business idea to make money.

Between a cleaning business, laundry business, or junk removal business – there are many ideas you start.

Service businesses are great because they can be very cheap to start – making them a realistic option for anyone, whether you have $100 or $10,000 to start.

37. Start Another Business

While service businesses are a great idea, there are other kinds of businesses you can start to make $2,000 in a week.

For example, starting a public laundry store or decoration business are great ways to earn money.

Do some research and find a business that you are passionate about before getting started.

38. Driver for Uber or Lyft to Make $2,000 in a Week

Working for Uber or Lyft can be a great way to make $2000 in one week.

As long as you have access to reliable transportation, it’s possible to earn money quickly by driving people around town.

You may also be able to make an extra $100 by referring drivers.

Just know how much you’ll have to pay in taxes and how many hours you need to work each week.

39. Try Babysitting

If you have a flexible schedule, babysitting can be a great way to make $2000 in one week .

You may have to work a few hours each night, but it can be worth it.

To find babysitting jobs, check social media and apps like NextDoor to get connected with families in your area. You might get a few inquiries a day that can yield results.

Depending on your location you can easily make over $100 a night babysitting.

40. Create and Sell Crafts

Selling crafts can be a great way to make money quickly and earn enough to get you through the week.

Whether it’s jewelry, wreaths, homemade dog treats, or dec – there is always somebody who will pay for something hand made.

Just know how much you’ll have to invest upfront as well as how many hours it takes each day to complete your craft items. You must also consider how much time this project may take – especially if you’re selling online where shipping could potentially delay things by weeks.

Making money selling crafts is a fun hobby to earn extra cash in less than a month.

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41. Become a Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer can be one of the quickest ways to make $2000 in a week.

As more and more people are turning to online sources for news, entertainment or how-to information – it’s becoming easier to share your knowledge with the world!

With enough followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you could earn thousands each month by promoting products through product placement deals & endorsements.

Just know that there is no guarantee how much money you will make from this source. And also keep track how many hours you spend working each week so you don’t get behind!

How to Make $2,000 a Month

Making $2,000 a month will require some extra planning. Check out these methods to make 2000 dollars fast.

42. Rent Out a Room in Your Home

If you have a spare room or two that are not being used – renting them out on Airbnb can be one of the quickest ways to make $2000 in a month.

You will need to know how much you’ll be able to charge for your rooms, how many hours it takes each week and how comfortable people are going to be with having a stranger in their home.

You also need to know how much time you’ll spend cleaning, booking reservations and how many other travelers are staying in your area.

Just know what your expenses are with this source so that you aren’t surprised when tax day comes.

43. Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is one of the best ways to make $2000 in a month.

Whether it’s how to cook or how to play a guitar. There is always somebody out there willing to pay for the knowledge and skills you have!

You can also create courses through Udemy, Skillshare & Teachable in order to reach more people with your expertise.

44. Start a YouTube Channel

You can make $2000 in a month by starting your own YouTube channel.

As more and more people are turning to online sources for how-to information, it’s become easier than ever to share your knowledge with the world!

With enough subscribers on YouTube or someone willing to pay you directly – you could earn thousands each month by promoting products through product placement deals & endorsements.

The human labor required to grow a YouTube channel can be more time consuming than other methods – but it’s a great way to make money online.

45. Make $2,000 a Month Podcasting

Creating your own podcast can be one of the best ways to make $2000 in a month.

As long as you have a reliable microphone & sound system, are comfortable speaking in front of others and have an interesting topic to discuss – there is no reason why you can’t start your own podcast!

You may even be able to make extra money by sharing affiliate links with relevant products. But how much money will depend on how many hours you’re willing to invest in creating great content for your listeners.

Podcasts are in high demand as the digital world has shifted to listening to content providing tremendous opportunity for you.

46. Work as an SEO Consultant

Working as an SEO consultant is a great way to make money fast if you understand digital marketing.

SEO services can be quite lucrative for consultants with enough knowledge and experience. There are many services online that charge tremendous amounts of money for their efforts.

Turning customers into permanent clients is essential if you want to grow your freelancing business.

47. Invest in Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending can be one of the best ways to make $2000 in a month if you have extra money lying around.

If your credit score is high enough, some sites like Lending Club or Prosper may allow you to invest directly into other people’s loans and receive an interest rate between four and eight percent (depending on how risky they perceive it).

You can also earn additional money by sharing your referral link. But how much you will make depends on how many people are willing to take out loans and how reliable they are at paying back their debts!

Just know that this isn’t a get-rich quick scheme, but it’s one of the best ways to invest if you have some extra money to spare.

48. Save Money with Truebill

While saving money isn’t necessarily a way to make money – it certainly counts for something.

With Truebill you can save money each month by having your subscriptions automatically cancelled and your bills negotiated for you.

You can set your account up in less than a few hours to start saving money quickly.

Register below to get started!

Truebill (Now RocketMoney) helps you take back control of your finances and start budgeting with ease. Register below to get started!
Register Now!
Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

How to Make $2,000 Fast as a Kid: Realistic Ways

If you’re a kid needing $2,000 fast, there are a few methods you can use to get quick cash.

For kids, I recommend asking family if they have any work to complete around the home or if they have a small amount of money they can loan you. There is usually yard work you can complete to make extra money.

Another method is to find things around your home to sell. Be sure to check with your parents before selling anything that might be valuable but if they agree, this can be an easy way to make $2,000 fast as a kid.

Final Thoughts on How to Get $2000 Fast

Making $2,000 fast isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s certainly possible.

If you want to make money fast – you’re going to have to put in some work to reach your goals. Whether you choose freelance writing or starting a DIY business – there are many ways to get can money quickly.

No matter your reason for needing $2,000 – you’re sure to get there by following these tips.

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